We grow up and develop with our beliefs, certainties and doubts.

  People build themselves influenced by the gaze of others. They let others define what they are, what they do right or wrong and what is right for them.

  We support you in freeing yourself from those influences, beliefs and prejudices that may no longer be useful to you today

...to become who you want to be.

Personal Coaching
Don't believe everything you heard.
Make you own opinion. ​Everything is permitted, is OK, is possible.
We accompany you in opening to all possibilities.
In taking away limiting beliefs, In identifying your most inner values and wishes, In implementing, experimenting and experiencing, In living a life of fulfilment and accomplishment.
Career Coaching
What is your work situation?
Are you looking for work?
Do you want to evolve? To Reorient?
Career coaching gives you:

- Clarity and security in your career plan

- Definition and implementation of efficient tactics
- Support and flexibility in rolling out your plans.
- Personal Development / Growth
Executive Coaching
Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Being an Executive or a manager is challenging and stressful.​ Coaching allows executives to step back, open up to different perspectives, revisit ways of relating to others and experiment tactical alternatives.
Getting away from the daily routine and professional role.
The global objectives are to:

- Consolidate personal leadership
- Develop powerful and authentic relationships
- Contribute successfully​

The general trend is to start with the Business Plan. We suggest you start with your Personal Plan : How do YOU want to contribute to the world? What are your values, objectives, skills and assets.

We accompany you in identifying what is really different and specific in you and in what you do.
In designing your vision, the vision of your business,
In launching, implementing and developing it. In promoting and selling your services.

Team Coaching
 The challenge of today's businesses is to get teams to communicate, work and dare to collectively fight for the company's development and success.
 We accompany executive teams in becoming aware of the mechanisms that govern their operations and exchanges. We provide training on relational systems and coach the Team through addressing key business, organizational and development issues.
 An Executive Team that is aware of its strengths and limitations, that is able to cope with difficulties to succeed is the best engine to enhance motivation and performance in the organization.
 We work on Three essential Levels to build High Performance Teams.
- Individual level:
  - Who am I?
  - How do I perceive and manage myself ?
- Relational level:
  - What roles do I have and take?
  - How do I relate to others?
- Team Level:
  - How does the team interact?
  - What roles are there? What is there?
Unleash Your Potential!


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