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Although initially skeptical about the value of coaching, Marc was able to assist me in my thinking at a key moment of my professional life. It has enriched my questioning with a very pragmatic approach bringing me the tools that allowed me to succeed. In the world of Coaching, with very uneven quality, Marc Dufraisse is a true professional that I recommend for his reliability and outstanding human qualities.

M. Etaix - EMEA Finance Director / Operation Director 

Marc has a knack for looking right through all the noise his clients present and then goes straight for the heart of the matter, based most often on his highly developed intuition. I experienced this while being coached by him. I was also impressed and surprised by his coaching style and the exercises he asked me to do during and between coaching sessions, it had a profound effect on me as a person and the things I do. Marc is a very good coach and I recommend him highly.

T. Van Der Merwe - Leadership Coach

WARNING: Only hire Marc if you truly want to grow while enthused, engaged, and entertained. He imparts wisdom, sparks curiosity, and inspires change. Just make sure that you are up for the challenge!


T. Newman - Organizational Consultant, Psychologist.


"Marc is able to bring out all the forces that lie dormant within us. With his listening and advice I could better focus my career goals and my priorities .... and do everything to conquer them.

Working via Skype was also very motivating .. Marc is very attentive and sensitive to human relationships ... Excellent Coach ... Thanks Marc "

G. Tola - Consutant & Director

Marc listens very well, quickly understands the problem to work, focuses very well on each session, is efficient, and gets  the person to advance with great strides and quickly, obviously depending on the will of the person, because the process also depends on the other person .

K.Richard - Director of Operations

Marc is an excellent coach, able to connect with people and to focus on their goals with admirable mastery .


N.Hurtado - Directora en Creación y expansión de negocios

With Marc it is easy get to the heart of the matter, whatever it may be, in a very effective, practical and friendly way. A master of coaching that I cannot do anything but recommend.

J.Moreno - Entrepreneur

Marc proposes and generates dynamics in which yourself can connect with your deepest needs and / or values. Listens actively and attends group pace while respecting the individuals. And above all, launches questions that slip in the gap between the resistance to change and the justified desire to change and grow.


Y.Rubio - Facilitator in Personal Development

Marc has great human qualities, making the approach easier and faster to understand the problem. He knows very well how to listen, guide, counsel, while leaving a wide autonomy in thinking and helping you establish a concrete and sustainable action. Individual sessions are very productive and I would certainly recommend the services of Marc.


O.Gruson - Export Sales Manager

From my first contact with Mark, I understood that he was the person I was looking for to help me go through the difficult path of a double personal and professional reorientation.His empathy and depth of life were for me important points and bridges to trustfully work on my new personal project. His experience and professional knowledge were indispensable assets in the development of my new occupation. Allowing me to approach and lead my new evolution with harmony and satisfaction.


E.Arthaud - Owner & Entrepreneur

I cannot thank enough Marc for his help in my change of direction. Imagine that thanks to him I have not been afraid to move from seller to journalist. Unbelievable, right?
To do this, Marc was able to hear me, shove and boost me always in the right tempo. Since then I recommend Marc to all my friends who are seeking a coach or are in a professional change phase. For those who hesitate, I would say it only took me six sessions of one hour to find my way. Six hours to change your life. It's worth it, right?


O. Goldstein - Chief Redactor

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