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Coaching is a private and confidential interaction to help you successfully respond to your challenges and ambitions.


Career Coaching accompanies you in creating your own personal project thanks to 

  • Changing your mindset to a new open and learning mindset

  • Designing clear pathways to your ambitions

  • Defining strategies and tactics to make it happen

Executive Coaching helps you increase your satisfaction and effciciency in your current role

  • working on your self-awareness, your personal development, in growing your communication, management and leadership skills

  • accompanying you in your present role, in your challenges, in your relationships and influences to achieve extraordinary results

  • developing your resilience, reorienting, getting the opportunities you deserve and transforming them successfully.

Career Coaching




 Identify your values, what is important to you

Validate your professional and personal priorities

Work on your personal brand

Know your strengths and possible weaknesses


Define a path consistent with yourself

Review where you've come from, what you've accomplished

Create your book of experiences, skills and ambitions

Work on your story


Take action

Define your strategies and tactics to reach your goals

Identify the key people and stages of your project

Activate your plan and adjust it with what you are analyzing

Executive Coaching



Personal leadership

Self-knowledge and development of soft skills

Self-management, stress and energy management

Time management and organizational skills


Relational leadership

Communication and listening skills, Coach Leader 

Developing productive relationships

Ability to present in public and to influence


Team Leadership

Animation and facilitation skills 

High performance equipment

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Career 

Knowing yourself

Identify your values, what is important to you

Validate your professional priorities

Work on your personal brand

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Define a project consistent with yourself

Define your ambitions and your needs for collaboration

Get started

Work on your presentation and story

Take action

Identify the key people and stages of your project

Business plan

Activate your plan and adjust it with what you are analyzing

Team Coaching
Creating High Performance Teams
The challenge of today's businesses is to get teams to communicate, work and dare to collectively fight for the company's development and success.
 We accompany executive teams in becoming aware of the mechanisms that govern their operations and exchanges. We provide training on relational systems and coach the Team through addressing key business, organizational and development issues.
 An Executive Team that is aware of its strengths and limitations, that is able to cope with difficulties to succeed is the best engine to enhance motivation and performance in the organization.
 We work on Three essential Levels to build High Performance Teams.
- Individual level
- Relational level
- Team Level
M. Etaix.jpg

Marc Etaix -
EMEA Finance Director /
Operation Director 

Although initially skeptical about the value of coaching, Marc was able to assist me in my thinking at a key moment of my professional life. It has enriched my questioning with a very pragmatic approach bringing me the tools that allowed me to succeed. In the world of Coaching, with very uneven quality, Marc Dufraisse is a true professional that I recommend for his reliability and outstanding human qualities.


Karine Richard

General Manager 

Marc listens very well, quickly understands the problem to work, focuses very well on each session, is efficient, and gets  the person to advance with great strides and quickly, obviously depending on the will of the person, because the process also depends on the other person .

olivier gruson.jpg

Olivier Gruson
Key Account Manager

Marc has great human qualities, making the approach easier and faster to understand the problem. He knows very well how to listen, guide, counsel, while leaving a wide autonomy in thinking and helping you establish a concrete and sustainable action. Individual sessions are very productive and I would certainly recommend the services of Marc.

Lead Your Career to Success

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