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Lead your Career to Success
Renew, Reinvent,
Achieve Outstanding Results.

Lead Your Career to Success

Hi! Welcome!

You may be thinking about your career, about where you are. 

May be you are beginning to feel dissatisfied with your job, losing the motivation and energy you once had… Perhaps you begin to feel stuck in your career... or your relationships with your new managers and peers are not what they once were...


You want to address your challenges, to express yourself more and contribute fully.

And you know you have the potential, energy and ambition to meet your goals

Let me be your Strategic Partner for this. 

Together let's identify your strengths, your assets,  


Marc Dufraisse​

On 2008, with more than 25 years of international experience as a Change Consultant and a Senior Executive,  a serious illness forced me to put a stop to my career.


After some months of intense treatment, being very much weakened by the treatment, I remember walking with a friend in the woods and sharing with him how lost I felt, how confused I was on where to go and what to do from then on.

I remember he wisely replied to me:

Keep calm. Just sit down. 

The moment you will know what to do you’ll stand up and go.

This is when I began let go of my previous life and started my journey of transformation.

From then on I decided to change my priorities, to take the time to reinvent myself. One year later I moved to my dream city, Barcelona with my wife and children and created my business.

During this reborn journey I totally fell in love with Coaching and People Development.

I discovered a world of continuous learning where the rational aspects can become secondary to the emotional dimensions.

Today, my past experiences and my journey allow me to help my clients overcome their fears, clarify their goals, never give up and transcend themselves to achieve extraordinary results in their careers and professional life. 

M. Etaix.jpg

Marc Etaix -

Although initially skeptical about the value of coaching, Marc was able to assist me in my thinking at a key moment of my professional life. It has enriched my questioning with a very pragmatic approach bringing me the tools that allowed me to succeed. In the world of Coaching, with very uneven quality, Marc Dufraisse is a true professional that I recommend for his reliability and outstanding human qualities.


Karine Richard

General Manager 

Marc listens very well, quickly understands the problem to work, focuses very well on each session, is efficient, and gets  the person to advance with great strides and quickly, obviously depending on the will of the person, because the process also depends on the other person .

olivier gruson.jpg

Olivier Gruson
Key Account Manager

Marc has great human qualities, making the approach easier and faster to understand the problem. He knows very well how to listen, guide, counsel, while leaving a wide autonomy in thinking and helping you establish a concrete and sustainable action. Individual sessions are very productive and I would certainly recommend the services of Marc.

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