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Unleash your Potential

Authenticity is about accepting who you are and daring to be who you want to be.

Finding your own personal way is possible. ​​

We accompany you on the path to your Authenticity.

Your situation

You may begin to feel dissatisfied with your job, losing the motivation and energy you once had.

May be you begin to feel your relationships with your manager, with your peers or your team are not what they once were.

You want to improve your impact, find other ways to achieve better results, define and go for new directions. 

You want to express yourself more and contribute fully.

My Approach

I accompany you in creating your own personal project: 

Partnering with you in your present role and objectives, in your relationships and influences to achieve extraordinary results

Reviewing where you are and the directions you want to take

Designing clear innovative pathways for your ambitions and activating them now


Is really listening and telling you

what you need to hear,

not what you want to hear

Coaching is a private, confidential and personal space dedicated to your questions, challenges, growth.

Coaching is about broadening perspectives and options, about connecting with the body, feelings, emotions. It is about growing, about leading your life.

To Lead your Career to Success.

Hear and forget,

See and remember,

Do and understand.

Training is not about adding knowledge. It is about learning from practicing and experiencing. 

For our clients, I design customized training workshops to respond to their development, career, leadership and excellence objectives.

I provide learning experiences that deliver tangible results.

Marc Dufraisse​
Coach / Mentor / Trainer / Change Consultant

In 2008, with more than 25 years of international experience as a change consultant and a senior executive, a serious illness brought me to put my career on hold.

After some months, very much weakened by intense medical treatments, I remember walking with a friend in the woods and sharing with him how lost I felt, how confused I was on where to go and what to do from then on.

I remember he wisely replied to me:

Just keep calm. Sit down. 

The moment you will know where to go, you’ll stand up and go.

This is when I began let go of my previous life and started my journey of transformation.

From then on I decided to change my priorities, to take the time to reinvent myself. One year later I moved to my dream city, Barcelona with my family and created my business.

During this reborn journey I fell in love about coaching, people development and personal transformation. I discovered a world of continuous learning where the rational aspects can become secondary to the emotional ones.

Today, my past experiences and my journey allow me to help my clients overcome their fears, clarify their goals, never give up, and transcend themselves to achieve extraordinary results in their careers. 

Lead Your Career to Success

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